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Tow Trucks

This was an interesting incident.


Yes, even though no cars were damaged, three tow trucks held a drag race in hopes of winning a customer. This story illustrates the fierce business competition in Korea nowadays. As Korea becomes economically stronger in the global sphere, business managers and owners are doing anything to gain the upper edge. Probably the most fierce competition is in English language education.

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I don't suppose you have any photos of these wreckers, I'm curious to see what kind of equipment they use over there.

Posted by: pikkelweezel | 24/06/2005

Thanks for the comment pikkelweezel. No, I don't have any photos but I can say that most trucks in Korea are small because there are many narrow roads. Most, in fact, are smaller than cars. Trucks here do not have long noses like ones in Canada. Tow trucks are no exception. If I happen to take a photo, I will post it on my other site at this link:

Again, thank's for the comment and visiting my blog.

Posted by: Jim | 24/06/2005

Nice ilustration!

Posted by: AsharEdith | 26/06/2005

Thanks for the comment regarding my blog left at blogexplosion - I appreciate it as that was my first attempt at playing with HTML. I had a lot of fun with it (and spent a lot of time cussing at the computer as well) and am glad people like it! Thanks again. :)

Posted by: Courtney | 26/06/2005

oh!!! that's such an adorable drawing..haha..though that's probably not the most important part of the entry..=p

Posted by: Crystal | 27/06/2005

Hi. I hope there are no hard feelings about my winning the blog battle. I've seen your site now several times in these battles, and most of the time I voted for you. I really like what you're doing. Wish you'd move to Germany and do a blog like this for that country.

Posted by: indeterminacy | 27/06/2005

No hard feelings indeterminacy. I know it is nothing personal: it's just opinions based on two blogs and that's find. Oddly enough, I have voted for your blog many times as well.

Posted by: Jim | 27/06/2005

You're right. That is definitely odd. There's always medication, though.

Posted by: indeterminacy | 27/06/2005

this road rage,among the many others, is one of Seoul's main attractions. hope you'll have a grand time sketching these dorks fighting all the time when you get here...teehee!!!

Posted by: deity | 29/06/2005

Dude!! nice pics!! so realistic


Posted by: bumbi | 30/06/2005

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